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S Corporation Startup Procedure

The following steps are required to start your S Corporation.  These will be completed on your behalf by Fleming Financial Services.

  1. File Michigan Department of C&I “Articles of Incorporation” through the State of Michigan Small Business Startup website (Cost is $60 to the State of Michigan)
  2. Request Tax ID number through the IRS website
  3. After receiving your approved “Articles of Incorporation” from State, complete Form 2553, Election by a Small Business Corporation, to become an ‘S’ Corporation
  4. Register for Michigan Taxes by completing Form 518
  5. If you have (or will have) employees, complete UA Schedule A-Liability Questionaire for State of Michigan Unemployment

 The standard cost to complete these steps is a one-time fee of $200. 

"Your answers to my many questions were clear and succint and convinced me an S corporation would be the most advantageous and cost effective.  The fees you charged for the corporation establishment and the completion of quarterly state and federal tax reports were very reasonable... I would have paid twice as much to avoid the discomfort of completing those frustrating bureaucratic forms four time a year!"

-Rick Hamrick

Owner, Hamrick & Associates

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